RobotSoC Videos

1) Virtual Reality Head Tracker for real-time observation and camera control

This clip demonstrates a prototype of the virtual reality head tracker. The system consists of a video camera mounted on a 3D rotating platform with three servo motors, an EagleSoC micro-controller, and an iTV goggles with a MPU 9150 IMU chip attached at its center. The platform is rotating based on the angle information obtained from the IMU readings. As the user rotates his head, the EagleSoC records the angle information and transmits the appropriate PWM signal to the servo motors, which in turn displace the rotating platform. The video from the camera is fed into user's iTV-goggles.

2) Semi-Autonomous Robot Navigation with OpenGL-based mapping

This clip demonstrates the A* navigation of the EagleSoC powered mobile robot. The user selects target and destination points on the windows application. This information is wirelessly transmitted to the robot, which uses infrared sensors to detect obstacles within one meter distance. The robot acknowledges every step by sending its new position and the newly acquired obstacle information back to the application, which is also responsible for path mapping.